Hail, Sunna!

We almost named her “bagels,” because that is what we ventured out for, but it just didn’t seem to fit her. She’s a golden labradoodle. We picked her up at about 6 weeks old, and she’s grown quite a lot.

Do you wanna take the dog out?

Do you wanna go and potty?Do you wanna make a poo?I think you really should—It would be really good—We’re all waiting on you.If you don’t, we’ll all be awake within an hour or two…Do you wanna go and potty?It doesn’t have to be a big poo. Do you wanna go and potty?Anywhere outside will do?It’s what this is about,so won’t
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Zuckerberg’s Famous Pig

A certain social media has invited me to trust them with my RealID or leave. I’m undecided. Until I decide, and perhaps after, you can reach me on LinkedIn, Twitter, MeWe, or by email. Update: I checked Facebook’s list of acceptable documents and sent them some, but they neither accepted my documents nor elaborated on the cause of their dissatisfaction.
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Rhymin’ and Stealin’

Hat tip to the Beastie Boys… My package is loaded, I spun up my Docker Proprietary data in encrypted Bitlocker Buildin’ and shippin’ in an unknown state And I’ll be testin’ in prod all the way to hell’s gate.

Jessie’s Squirrel

Jessie is a friendYeah, I know, he’s been a good friend of mineBut lately something’s changed that ain’t hard to defineJessie’s got himself a squirrel and she wants to make him dineAnd she’s feeding him all that riceAnd she’s bringing him all those tacos, I just know itYeah, she’s giving him buñuelos late, late at nightYou know, I wish that
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Eine Kleine Coronamusik

There once was a land of the free,Provided thou wast Bourgeoisie.But then ‘Rona came,And made everything lame.So now it’s not all about thee. A reality host so cleverConvinced fans the’ Rona would never.So now ‘Rona’s here,Folk scream “hold my beerOr we’ll lose all our rights forever!” A governor with strategy shrewd,Said to go out only for food.But Alex, he jokes,”Corona’s
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Coronavirus: Hoax or PsyOps?

Now that the social media disinformation campaign has been successful enough that our adversaries are convinced to ignore Facebook, blogs, and other “crowdsourced” beacons of truth, we can finally share the stark reality about the “Coronavirus Pandemic.”


Chili Queens

For an authentic Texas bowl of red, one must start with the fundamentals: meat and chili paste. This means that exotic foreign ingredients, such as dried rocoto mixed with a blend of ground kangaroo and zebra, can be an excellent foundation. Resist the temptation to add Texas native ingredients like mesquite beans and prickly pear. Steer well clear of cinnamon,
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In Xanadu did Kublet Khan A stately Superdome decree: Where Alef, the gilded river, ran Through systems measureless on LAN Down to Limbo and C. So twice five miles of fertile ground With blades and towers were girdled round; And there were rooms alight with blinking thrills, Where blossomed mininally connected spanning trees; And here were PRs ancient as the
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